About Us
Tara Liddy - Owner

I am a 33 year old Arrernte/Luritja mother of four from Alice Springs. My family are Southern Arrernte and Luritja with most family members residing on our Traditional Homelands on a site called Mpwelarre - meaning rainbow. Our parcel of Mpwelarre (granted under the Aboriginal Land Rights Act) sits around 80km to the South-East of Mparntwe (Alice Springs), between Maryvale Station, Orange Creek Station, the Rainbow Valley Conservation Reserve (Wurre in Arrernte) and Deep Well Station.

I am deeply passionate about preserving Indigenous Knowledges, particularly in the use of bush foods and medicines. This knowledge is crucial to maintaining young peoples connections to country and culture and maintaining their sense of cultural identity. I am personally determined to encourage Indigenous young people to embrace a lifestyle which supports the decolonisation of our bodies (through replacing a high sugar, high processed food diet with traditional bush foods), our minds (through promoting political awareness and engagement) and our spirit (through reconnecting with country and culture, and living holistically). I am also a strong advocate for the roles of Ngangkari (traditional healers) in supporting people to maintain good mental and physical health and general wellbeing.

My hope is that Shop Homelands can support Indigenous businesses to become economically sustainable through the use of their traditional practices and the transmission of their Indigenous Knowledges from one generation to the next. Not only does this encourage the economy to flourish in these communities, but socio-economic outcomes can be greatly improved through the strengthening of culture and identity for future generations.

Peter Burgoyne - Owner

I grew up between the Northern Territory and South Australia, spending most of my early childhood between Port Lincoln and Darwin. My father originates from the Far West Coast of South Australia. He was born at Kooniba and moved to Port Lincoln as a child where he was raised by his mother and aunties. On my fathers side, we identify as Kokatha/Mirning.  In the Northern Territory, I identify as a Warai man with our Traditional Homelands about an hour south of Darwin, near Adelaide River.

As a 16 year old I moved to Adelaide to pursue my AFL career with the Port Adelaide Football Club. I have lived in Adelaide for over 20 years and I am now the proud father of 7 beautiful children. 

I have always had an interest in Aboriginal art, collecting pieces for my personal collection. My hope is to make Aboriginal art, artefacts and bush foods/medicines (along with knowledge of their benefits) more accessible to mainstream society.