Bush BalmS®

Expertly collected on Aboriginal lands in Central Australia, Bush Balm® products tell a truly inspirational story.

Originally created for Indigenous dialysis patients forced to leave their communities and Country indefinitely to receive treatment, Bush Balm® has grown to produce an amazing range of therapeutic bush medicines for everyone to enjoy.


Bush Balm® products enable local Aboriginal people to practice the traditional methods of using native ingredients to create bush medicines. Irmangka irmangka, Yawirriyawirri and Arrethe have been used for generations to treat aches, muscle pain, joint inflammation, skin conditions and to ease cold & flu symptoms. These are the plants still used today to create the range of Bush Balm® products. You can shop the entire range below.

The Bush Balm® Social enterprise creates employment opportunities for Aboriginal people and supports the maintenance and transmission of Indigenous knowledge from generation to generation. It is run by Purple House, an Indigenous owned and operated health service delivering a mobile dialysis unit called the Purple truck, as well as operating 14 remote dialysis clinics across the Northern Territory. You can donate to Purple House by clicking the link: 


Learn more about the inspiring work of Purple House here: