Bush Medijina

Bush Medijina products are lovingly handcrafted by by local Warningakalina women from Groote Eylandt, Northern Territory. The recipes used to make the products were handed down from generation to generation and have resulted in a beautifully natural, sustainable hair and skincare range.

The bush botanicals used in the making of Bush Medijina products are outlined below:

- DUMBURUMBA: These trees are found in the bush and by the seas. The leaves have traditionally been used by Elders to soothe the skin.

- MAMARRA (SMALL LEAVED PAPERBARK) and MAWILYABURNA (LINIMENT TREE): Found in Billabongs and wetlands on Groote Eylandt, the leaves from these trees have been traditionally used to soothe the body. Wood from the Mamarra tree was used to make canoes and the women would make coolamons out of the bark to carry their babies; 

- MERRIKA (BROAD LEAVED WATTLE): Traditionally men would use the wood for spear tips and the women used the wood for digging sticks. The flowers are used in Bush Medijina's Body Butter and the leaves in the balms and soaps.

- MAMABURRA (WILD PEACH TREE): The dried bark of this tree is used as a skin exfoliant and the inner bark used to repair cracks and holes in canoes. Growing abundantly on Groote Eylandt, the native wild peach is a much enjoyed fruit, whilst also being used to soothe the skin. 

- DINGADILYENJIRRKA (WHITE CLOUD TREE) AND WEEPING TEA TREE: The Dingadilyenjirrka or Weeping Tea Tree extract has been expertly blended with organic coconut oil to create the luxurious Happy Hair Oils. Traditionally these trees were used by local women to help their hair grow long, strong and healthy.

All of the Bush Medijina products are sustainably harvested by local women, creating employment opportunities and the transmission of Indigenous knowledges from one generation to the next. The purchase of these products allow the business to support Warningakalina women and enables them to share their culture with the rest of the world whilst preserving precious cultural traditions. Learn about the inspiring women behind Bush Medijina by watching the video below: