Ikuntji Artists

Ikuntji Artists was the first art centre established by women in the Western Desert Art Movement. In the 1980's Aboriginal women in the community of Haasts Bluff (approximatley 230 km west of Alice Springs) began painting in the aged care facility. They had been supported and instructed by their fathers and husbands. Ikuntji Artists was then established in 1992 after a series of workshops with Melbourne artists Marina Strocchi, and under the influence of the then community president, the late Esther Jugadai. Initially set up to provide the services of a women's centre (such as providing food for the children and elderly of the community), they soon began producing artworks which attracted the attention of the Australian and International art world. They were producing fine art!

The focus of the women's centre then shifted in 2005 with the incorporation of the art centre as Ikuntji Artists Aboriginal Corporation.

Ikuntji Artists are very well known for their bold colour choices and decisive brush strokes and today, their pieces are displayed  in many highly-esteemed galleries and institutions across the world. You can also find their beautiful prints on many garments - you can check out our range of artworks and fabrics below.

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Ikuntji Artists are a Dealer Member of the Indigenous Art Code. 

To learn more about Ikuntji Artists or to donate directly to the Centre, head to https://ikuntji.com.au/support-us/


Right: Art Centre at Haasts Bluff (Ikuntji) - Photograph belongs to Ikuntji Artists.