Interrentye Body Products

”Old Way. New Way. Our Way"

Shop the range of Interrentye Traditional Body Products from Akeyulerre Inc. Healing Centre in Alice Springs.

Akeyulerre (pronounced "A-kee-lu-ra") is a non-profit organisation governed and run by Arrernte people. Often called the 'healing centre', Akeyulerre play an important role in healing and strengthening the community. Akeyulerre support traditional healers (Angangkere) and healing ceremonies as well as making and distributing these wonderful Interrentye healing products.


As a dynamic social enterprise, Interrentye (pronounced "inter-enj") not only enables Arrernte people to maintain cultural knowledge and healing practices and pass it down to future generations, but it also generates income and jobs for local Arrernte people. This beautiful range of body products were created by young Arrernte women under the guidance of Elders and were made with love and pride. The medicinal plants used in creating the products were all ground down using traditional methods and combined with products such as Olive oil, Beeswax, Soybean, Macadamia and Sunflower oils.  The medicinal plants used are:

  • Arrethe (ara-tha) – Used as a chest rub for colds and flus

  • Utnerrenge (ut-nar-rung) – Used on the body to nurture dry and irritated skin

  • Aherre-Intenhe (ara-in-ten) – Used to soothe skin sores and muscle pain

  • Apere (eucalyptus) Soap – Nourishes, cleanses and soothes skin

You can support this amazing organisation by purchasing the products or by visiting their website to make a donation