These beautiful "Statement" earrings will be a showstopper at any event. Each pair is handmade using the best quality Gum Nuts, Quandong and Ininti Seeds from Central Australia. 

Traditionally, Aboriginal people from the Central Deserts decorated their bodies with seeds, feathers and pigments (such as ochres). The seed necklaces worn by Aboriginal women would drape over the shoulder, across the chest and under the arms - the most commonly used seeds in this region were the 'Ininti' (the bat-winged coral tree, Erythrina vespertilio) and 'witchinbara' (Stylobasium spathulatum). 


Shop Homelands also stock handcrafted necklaces and earrings made of seeds and shells collected on the beaches of Groote Eylandt. Ghost Net, Fabrics and Sari Silks are also used in the construction of these pieces. Check out the collection below and click here to learn more about Anindilyakwa Arts: