Bush Body Rub - Gadayka

Bush Body Rub - Gadayka

Nambarra (paperbark tree) are traditionally used by the Yolgnu to treat coughs and flus. Oils from these plants have been combined with soothing ingredients to make a healing balm that can be rubbed directly onto the body. Choose from rubs containing Nambarra to soothe colds and flu, Gadayka to treat skin irritations or Butjirinaning to treat sores and infections.



Cocoa Butter, beeswax, macadamia oil, infused leaf matter and blended essential oils. The leaf matter may be Nambarra, Gadayka or Butjiringaning. Oils from these plants have been infused and combined with soothing ingredients to make a healing balm so that it can be rubbed directly into the body.

  • About the Miyalk Rangers Bush Product Program

    The Bush Product program began back in 2011, with the miyalk rangers using their knowledge of traditional Yolngu healing methods to utilise local native flora in a variety of personal care products. The native plants used include Nambarra (Melaleuca dealbata) to treat colds and flu, Gadayka (Eucalyptus tetrodonta) to treat skin rashes and irratations, and Butjiringaning (Litsea glutinose) to treat skin sores and muscle cramps.

    Products include lip balms, body rub, bush body scrub and soaps. Preparation and production is carried out on the Laynhapuy homelands of North East Arnhem Land.