"Jazmine" 34cm Paola Reina Doll

"Jazmine" 34cm Paola Reina Doll

About Jazmine


These beautiful anatomically correct Gordis dolls from Paola Reina. Gordis dolls are entirely handcrafted in Spain using only the finest European materials, designed with the heart and made with love and are great children’s gifts. Paola Reina’s dedication to high-quality dolls can be seen in each doll’s angelic hand-painted facial features, eloquent sparkling eyes, lush hair and eyelashes. The high-quality phthalate-free vinyl dolls are soft to the touch, yet durable allowing the dolls to withstand all the love and adoration given to them. Paola Reina creates dolls that every child can identify with, regardless of gender, race and culture. Paola Reina dolls are the cherished companions of children around the world, with their unparalleled quality also making them trusted by parents and the perfect addition to any doll collection. All Paola Reina dolls have are lightly vanilla scented. The doll’s arms, head and legs turn, and the dolls can be placed in standing or sitting positions.


Jazmine comes with a cloth nappy, suede leather headband and a beautiful hand sewn dress using authentic Aboriginal artwork.

You can choose from either of the following prints for the dress:


1. "Yalke in Blue" by June Smith

Spectacular views of various creatures such as birds and frogs, and different vegetation can be viewed in the Yalke or wetlands of Australia, both in dry or wet seasons. In the dry season, vast water mass goes back to permanent wetlands, waterholes etc. and become home for waterfowls and many other migratory birds of Australia. In the wet, birds like magpies and geese congregate on the wetland or Yalke. June, with a vibtant color sense, has brilliantly depicted this design with Aboriginal symbols and signs out of her dreamtime story


2. "Yuendumu Bush Tomato in Rust" by Audrey Napanangka

Bush Tomato or wild tomato plant is usually waxy looking. It grows in the creek area in Northern Territory. The ripe fruits have a strong fragrance which may be smelled from long distances. A single plant produces many fruits. These fruits are tasty. Bush Tomato is rich in sources of potassium and vitamin C. There are more than 100 varieties of bush tomatoes, but only a handful numbers are edible. Some may be poisonous or may cause sickness. Harvesters normally collect sundried fruits of the small bushes in the late summer and early winter. Audrey Napanangka's artwork is vivid and strong. Design shows women(U) are sitting around waterhole with already picked up fruits on the coolaman and digging sticks.


3. "Dancing Flowers Pink" by June Smith

The decorative flowers are gorgeously arranged one after another, as if they are bonded together. This unique decoration was only possible with the skillful and experienced hands of June Smith. Collection of various colors in such a beautiful way as if the flowers are with one’s heart. It is simply stunning. June Smith is a well-known artist in Santa Teresa, Alice Springs. She was born in 1960 in Alice Springs and she studied in Alice Springs. She is the first woman in Santa Teresa to paint on silk.


Jazmine is pictured here wearing the "Yalke in Blue dress" by June Smith. You can also choose to add the Faux Fur cape (lined with suede leather), Coolamon and/or Emu Feather Hairclips at an additional cost.


The Coolamon's are traditionally burnt by artists from Maruku Arts, Uluru.