"Minyma Kutjara" by Selina Kulitja (380x900mm) Acrylic on Canvas

"Minyma Kutjara" by Selina Kulitja (380x900mm) Acrylic on Canvas

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380x900mm Acrylic on Canvas



Paintings depict the Tjukurpa, the Law and stories of Ancestors. Anangu (Central and Western Desert Aboriginal people) have responsibilities for
the protection and teaching of different Tjukurpa and there are strict protocols for the imparting of knowledge. The dotting technique has
evolved with the need to adapt sacred expressions of Tjukurpa for public viewing and as a depiction of the desert landscape.
Through the artist’s traditional lands travels the Tjukurpa of Minyma Kutjara, The Two Women. During the creation period, as they hunted and
adventured along the way, they formed many aspects of the landscape and left behind information still used today about the important rituals
and work of collecting mai or plant foods.
The artist has painted what is like a map that only she and other people of this country can read. Coded in the landscape and in the Creation or
Law stories is the information needed to hunt and survive. Dot paintings like this one are a contemporary way of continuing to celebrate and
teach through the Tjukurpa.


About the Artist

Artist : Selina Kulitja

Born : 1972

Language : Pitjantjatjara

Date : 05/12/2017

Community : Docker River, NT

Selina Kulitja is minyma Anangu, an Aboriginal woman from the Central Desert area of Australia. Her mother, senor artist, Nyinku Kulitja, taught
her and Selina began carving in her own right in the early 1990s. She began painting with Maruku in 2007and was elected chair person in 2018. Selina is a strong ambassador for Maruku, bringing her people's art and culture to the wider world through workshops and exhibitions. She is
also a Health Worker in her local community clinic and a land management advisor with the Katiti-Petermann Indigenous Protected Area. She is an active spokesperson as both a local and regional council representative.

  • About Maruku Arts

    For over 30 years Maruku has operated as a not-for-profit art and craft corporation, owned and operated by Anangu. Approximately 900 Aboriginal artists belonging to over 20 remote communities across the Central and Western Deserts, make up the collective that is Maruku. Our purpose is to keep culture strong and alive, through art, craft and organic experiences.