Mounted Lino Print - "Yilingbirradangwa Yinungkurra" by Letoria Yulidjirri Jane

Mounted Lino Print - "Yilingbirradangwa Yinungkurra" by Letoria Yulidjirri Jane

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Measurements: 30cm x 30cm


Hand printed lino block print 2017 - FRAMED


This beautiful botanical lino print by Letoria Yulidjirri Jane is titled "Yilingbirradangwa Yinungkurra", which is the Anindilyakwa name for the Red Grevillea Tree (Grevillea heliosperma).


ABOUT Letoria Yulidjirri

Letoria was born at Angurugu. She likes to make jewellery with her sisters using bush seeds that she collects. Letoria also enjoys dying fabric with bush dyes. Her laugh lights up the art centre.


“I grew up in Angurugu, at school at Alyangula, my teacher asked me what I wanted to do, maybe 9, 10 I wanted to get a job, but Nara, no job, I was too young, then when I was 17 I started going to art centre, and I found a job at the art centre and now I’m happy. I can look after myself. I started dying the fabrics, with Aly, I love it. I feel proud when i see people wearing our work. I like that we made that and that people like it. I like wearing it too, the silk feels good and it reminds me of my country and when I’m standing in it.”

Community: Angurugu, NT

Language: Anindilyakwa

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    Made at Anindilyakwa Arts, Groote Eylandt NT