Rivermint - Dried and ground 10g

Rivermint - Dried and ground 10g

Rivermint- Packed with antioxidants!

Rivermint (Mentha australis) is a native herb that grows in most states of Australia. It contains high levels of phenolic compounds and therefore has great antioxidant properties! The phenolic compounds in Rivermint can scavenge free radicals in the body. (As we know, free radicals can lead to oxidative stress diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.) Traditionally it was used to treat headaches and colds. Recent research has shown that the phenolic compounds in Rivermint have anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour, and antibacterial effects and are used widely in medications for stomach conditions.

Our Rivermint comes from an Aboriginal grower in South Australia. When he gave us a taste of the strong spearminty flavour of it, we knew we just had to have it  in our product line. We also love the fact that by buying his produce we are supporting another Indigenous business! We are also growing some ourselves here at Humpty Doo NT on our block and can’t wait until we can get our first harvest!


Serving Suggestions

Rivermint is so refreshing and powerfully spearminty that you do not need much to flavour your smoothie, juice or water and to add extra antioxidants! You can also use it in place of the common non-native mint in mint jellies, sauces, gravies and salads. We recommend using only half a teaspoon at first and then add more, depending on how minty you like your food and drink!

  • Sprinkle a half a teaspoon of Kaiyu Superfoods Dried Rivermint into smoothies, juices and water for an extra burst of nutrition
  • Try some of the great Rivermint recipes on our website (coming soon!)


Nutrition Information

* If you are pregnant, on medications or have an existing medical condition, it is advisable to consult your medical practitioner for advice before consuming new foods.


Gluten Free / Dairy Free

No Added Sugar

100% Pure Fruit-Nothing Added

Keto Diet

  • About Kaiyu Superfoods


    • Where possible we source organic fruit to use in our products. We are endeavouring to bring more organic options into our range.
    • All our fruit is grown, processed and packed in Australia and where possible sourced locally so that our products have fewer food miles.
    • Rather than putting our product in a bigger bag to try and make it look like there is more product, we package our food in the smallest pack possible to reduce waste.


    We work with communities that wild harvest fruits sustainably, (making sure a percentage is left for native animals and natural regeneration of the plants). We also source cultivated fruit. Our goal is to be able to mentor indigenous people to be successful growers of native fruits.


    We are working towards being a zero waste business. We use recyclable containers in our food processing and re-use these containers, gloves and bags in our nursery and orchard. All our fruit waste (peel, stones etc) is composted and re-used in our orchard.

    In our office, we use recycled paper. We use solar energy in our manufacturing process to reduce the use of fossil fuels and decrease our greenhouse gas emissions. We plant native trees in our orchard to create habitat for birds and other animals and to contribute to biodiversity in our area. We have also established and continue to maintain a revegetation project that is creating habitat for the endangered Regent Parrot in Loxton South Australia.


    Freeze Dried Australian Native Foods maintain almost 100% of their nutrient content. This is because a lot less heat is used to dry the foods. Foods are also frozen quickly to conserve nutrients. Methods such as dehydration can also result in loss of nutrients.

    The Freeze Drying Process

    We place our fruit on trays in the freeze dryer. The fruit is frozen to -40℃ (about 9 hours). A vacuum is created in the freeze dryer chamber and the surrounding pressure is gradually reduced. Once the pressure is at the right level, a small amount of heat is added. The water (ice) in the fruit turns from a solid stage (ice) straight to a gas stage (sublimation). It takes around 30 hours to freeze dry 4kg of fruit. Although, freeze drying does use a bit more energy initially, once freeze-dried, no more energy is needed to store the food, unlike storing food in a freezer.