"Rudolf" Metal Dog (26x41cm)

"Rudolf" Metal Dog (26x41cm)

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Rudolf is a very sweet, loyal dog. He loves his owner in Yuendumu and doesn't ever want to leave her.


Dogs in Warlpiri are called 'Jarntu' or 'maliki'. Families in Yuendumu tend to own many dogs. They are good 'marlpa' (company). Many people think of their dog as 'warlalja' (family). Dogs in Yuendumu tend to follow their owners around whenever they can.


About the Dog Program - Healthy dogs mean healthy people!

Each shape is based on a real dog in Yuendumu. Inmates at Alice Springs prison cut the metal dogs which are then sent to Yuendumu for our artists to paint. Proceeds from these dogs go to support our healthy dog program. 
Aboriginal people have always lived very closely with their dogs and a distinctive feature of most remote communities is the large number of dogs. We run a dog health program in Yuendumu.
This program involves feeding hungry dogs, managing ticks, and caring for sick and abandoned dogs. 
We also fund vets to visit the community to sterilise dogs and treat them for various diseases. Over the years the Veterinary services have also been extended to the neighbouring communities of Nyirripi and Mt Allan. 


This artwork is sold with a Certificate of Authenticity, with the Story of the dogs told in greater detail. 

  • About Warlukurlangu Artists of Yuendumu

    Established in 1985 Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation is a not-for-profit organisation that is 100% Aboriginal-owned by its artists from the remote desert communities of Yuendumu and Nyirripi in Central Australia.  Our main business is to promote the maintenance of local Indigenous culture by producing beautiful Aboriginal Art which is then sold around Australia and the world!

    Warlukurlangu Artists is famous for its gloriously colourful acrylic paintings and limited edition prints. The Aboriginal art centre has a national and international profile and its art has been featured in hundreds of exhibitions and publications in Australia and around the world.

    Warlukurlangu means ‘belonging to fire’ in the local language, Warlpiri, and is named for a fire dreaming site west of Yuendumu.