"Waru at Watarru" (51 x 76 cm Acrylic on Canvas) by Rosemary Peters

"Waru at Watarru" (51 x 76 cm Acrylic on Canvas) by Rosemary Peters

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Title: "Waru at Watarru"

51 x 76 cm Acrylic on Canvas


Artist: Rosemary Peters


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In this painting, the artist depicts the Waru Tjukurrpa (Fire Dreaming) at Watarru. Watarru is located in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands (APY Lands) in the north west of South Australia close to Kanpi, Piplitjara, Maralinga and Ochre Valley. This Tjukurrpa is from the artist's own country at Watarru.
The Tjukurrpa tells of two Tjangala travelling from Yuendumu, Northern Territory, down South to Watarru, carrying the fire with them. Once they arrived at Watarru, they threw the fire stick on the ground and created a big hole and mountain. The two Tjangalas created everything at Watarru, afterwards they went back to Yuendumu. This is part of a big Tjukurrpa from Yuendumu, called Warlukurlangu.
The two Tjangalas left many Ngangkari (traditional healer) spirits in this place, which all the children hold. The artist often depicts these children siting down on country with their mothers, surrounded by puli puli (rocks) and kapi (rock holes).

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