What is Supply Nation?

Through shopping with Indigenous businesses, for every $1 of revenue, Certified Suppliers generate $4.41 of social return. That means your dollar is working 4 times harder when you spend with Indigenous businesses.

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Shop Homelands actively work toward growing the Aboriginal economy through promoting and supporting other Indigenous owned businesses, particularly social enterprises. We believe in ethical trade and social responsibility. 

Shop Homelands is proudly 100% Aboriginal owned and operated and as such we are registered with Supply Nation. 

Supply Nations connects over 2,100 certified Aboriginal and Torres Strait businesses from across Australia with over 450 paid corporate, government and not-for-profit members in every state and territory.

Registration involves providing proof of Aboriginality, which ensures that Indigenous businesses are in-fact owned and operated by Indigenous people. 

Supply Nation is essentially a database of verified Indigenous businesses from which you can engage with, or shop from directly. If you would like to read more about Supply Nation, check out their website: